Semiha Berksoy: Catalogue Raisonné is published

Galerist is pleased to introduce the book ‘Semiha Berksoy: Catalogue Raisonné’, published by Galerist and Revolver Publishing with the support of Odeabank. ‘Semiha Berksoy Catalogue Raisonné’ is the most comprehensive book of the Turkish opera singer, primadonna, painter, actress, performance artist and poet, Semiha Berksoy (1910- 2004). The publication has been prepared of all the […]

31.01.2017 / / SEMİHA BERKSOY

‘Reflexive Fluidity’, Ali Akay

‘Reflexive Fluidity’, an artist book providing an appraisal of Seza Paker’s artistic life, written by Ali Akay is republished with Vahit Tuna’s new design, in both English and Turkish. The book covers Seza Paker’s works from the last 30 years and focuses on her works and their interconnection, transmigration, continuity while also revealing their relation to recent […]

23.10.2015 / / SEZA PAKER

Serkan Özkaya, ‘Double’, The Design Observer

Edited by Serkan Özkaya and published by Lars Müller Publishers, ‘Double’ is the second edition  of Manifesto Series, an art and architecture publication. The book was awarded as one of the top 50 books of 2013 by The Design Observer.  The publication includes a group of artists, architects, critics, historians and theorists, discussing the effects, […]

15.09.2014 / / SERKAN ÖZKAYA

’35 x 35 Art Project’, Copelouzos Art Museum

Bringing together works by international and multi-disciplinary artists, ‘35 x 35 Art Project’ book has been published by the leadership of Dimitris and Sandy Copelouzos. The book features İdil İlkin, Ali Emir Tapan, Ayça Telgeren and Viron Erol Vert whose works has been acquired by Copelouzos Art Museum.

30.06.2014 / / ALİ EMİR TAPAN

Serkan Özkaya’s Book Launch and Artist Talk

“Double” edited by Serkan Özkaya and “Ahali, An Anthology for Setting a Setting” edited by Can Altay are launched on the occasion of Serkan Özkaya’s solo exhibition, “Today Was Really Yesterday”. The launch is followed by an artist talk moderated by Merve Ünsal.

20.01.2014 / / SERKAN ÖZKAYA

Nil Yalter’s Book Launch and Artist Talk at SALT Beyoğlu

Galerist is pleased to present the first comprehensive book on the life and work of Nil Yalter. The monograph lauch, which will include an artist talk with Vasıf Kortun, will take place on September 16, 2013 at SALT Beyoğlu. Nil Yalter, who has been living and working in Paris since 1965, focuses on social issues […]

16.09.2013 / / NİL YALTER

Gavin Turk, Monograph

Gavin Turk’s fist monograph “Gavin Turk” has been published by Prestel. Assembled under the artist’s direction, this first major book on the work of Gavin Turk showcases more than two decades of extraordinary sculptures, paintings, prints and installations. This impressive volume includes Turk’s major works since the early 1990s, an original essay by Iain Sinclair […]

1.09.2013 / / GAVIN TURK

Serkan Özkaya, ‘Double’

Serkan Özkaya, with his work titled ‘David Inspired by Michelangelo’, takes part in the second book of Manifesto Series, titled ‘Double’ which is published by Lars Müller Publishers. In this book of the series, while discussing the act of replicating, the effects of doubling are being reviewed by the significant artists, architects, critics, historians and […]

25.08.2013 / / SERKAN ÖZKAYA

Youssef Nabil, Monograph

A new self-titled monograph on Youssef Nabil’s work is being published by Flammarion and will be launched at Art Dubai 2013. It includes conversations with noted art critic and historian Hans Ulrich Obrist and New-York based Serbian artist Marina Abramović.

1.03.2013 / / YOUSSEF NABIL


Following :mentalKLINIK’s exhibition  titled ‘That’s Fucking Awesome’ which was held at Galerist Hasköy in 2011, the book which is published by Galerist, includes the text of Jerome Sans -the curator of the exhibition- and the interview he made with the artists alongside :mentalKLINIK’s ‘MonoDialogue’. The book, designed as a well-rounded catalogue, includes the couple’s works […]

1.02.2013 / / :MENTALKLINIK