IMG NO.2 - Seza Paker, 'Untitled(le mot bleu)', 2015, 160x100cms


Galerist is pleased to announce that Seza Paker will be participating in the group exhibition titled, ‘Murmuring’ along with Ayşe Erkmen and Ali Kazma at Mestna Galerıja Ljubljana between April 20 and June 4. Curated by Ali Akay, the exhibitions show cases Paker’s works from her past solo exhibition titled ‘Absinthe’ which took place at […]

20.04.2017 /

Seza Paker, 'İsimsiz(otoportre), Fotoğraf Enstalasyonu, 100x65 cm

‘States of Portraits’, Açıkekran Levent, İstanbul

Seza Paker is part of the group exhibition ‘States of Portraits’ taking place at Açıkekran Levent between February 17 – April 19, 2016. The exhibition reveals a contemprary approach to one of the oldest style of painting, portraiture focusing on 5 artists from different generations. Curated by Ali Akay, the exhibition brings together painting, photography […]

17.02.2016 /

Seza Kapak_ENG

‘Reflexive Fluidity’, Ali Akay

‘Reflexive Fluidity’, an artist book providing an appraisal of Seza Paker’s artistic life, written by Ali Akay is republished with Vahit Tuna’s new design, in both English and Turkish. The book covers Seza Paker’s works from the last 30 years and focuses on her works and their interconnection, transmigration, continuity while also revealing their relation to recent […]

23.10.2015 /


Galerist in Collaboration with French Institute

French Institute, Istanbul will be presenting the video works by Seza Paker and Nil Yalter in collaboration with Galerist, on the occasion of 13th Istanbul Biennial. “Untitled (Park)” (2011) by Seza Paker will be on view together with “Harem” (1979), “Shaman” (1979) and “Lord Byron meets Shaman Woman” (2009) by Nil Yalter.

11.09.2013 /


‘(Untitled)Sea of Tranquility’, Vehbi Koç Foundation, Permanent Collection, Istanbul, Turkey

The first edition of Seza Paker’s “Untitled(Sea of Tranquility)” is now part of Vehbi Koç Foundation’s permanent collection. “Sea of Tranquility” is the name given to a crater on the moon; as it is the most convenient landing spot for the astronauts. In this context “Sea of Tranquility” highlights a new ideal that is not […]

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