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Nil Yalter takes part in the exhibition entitled ‘Women House’, with her installation ‘Nomads Tent’, (1973) between March 9th – May 28th, 2018 at the National Museum Of Women In The Arts, Washington. Featuring work by thirty-six global artists, Women House challenges conventional ideas about gender and the domestic space. The exhibition is inspired by […]

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Galerist is proud to announce that Nil Yalter (b. 1938) has received the outstanding merit award for artists whose career began 30 years ago or more, along with her fellow artist Vera Molnar (b. 1924) at this year’s AWARE. The nominated artists will have their works exhibited at the National Archives. This year’s jury panel […]

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Nil Paris


Paris Ville Lumière (1974), an artwork by Nil Yalter and Judy Blum, recently acquired by the Carnavalet Museum in Paris was digitalized and projected in the night of October 7th after 8pm on the walls, at the corner of 2-4 rue des Quatre-Fils and rue vieille du Temple, facing the Cafe La Perle.  The work […]

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IMG NO.6 -Turkish Immigrants - Exile is a hard JOB


Nil Yalter’s work ‘Exile Is a Hard Job’ will be part of the group exhibition ‘The Absent Museum’ curated by Dirk Snauwaert at Wiels Contemporary, Brussels  between April 20 and August 13. To mark its 10th anniversary, WIELS presents a large-scale exhibition to be held not only at its fully refurbished Blomme building but also […]

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The review by Omar Kholeif – writer and Manilow Senior Curator at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago – on Nil Yalter’s work ‘Le Chevalier d’Éon’ (1978) is featured on the April issue of ARTFORUM. ‘Le Chevalier d’Éon’ (1978) is a portrait of a middle-aged person shifting between different sexual identities of man, woman, and transvestite. Yalter […]

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Galerist is happy to announce that Nil Yalter is on the cover of ArtReview’s April issue with her work titled, ‘Exile Is A Hard Job’. In this issue, Mark Rappolt looks into how Yalter has used formal experimentation in a lifetime’s work to highlight a range of issues surrounding immigration, feminism and social inequality in […]

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Nil Yalter, ‘La Roquette, Women’s Prison’, Silencio, Paris, France

Nil Yalter’s, screening of “La Roquette, Women’s Prison” will take place on January 13 at 7:00 pm at the famous Parisian members club conceived by David Lynch, Silencio. The screening will be followed by the artist talk at 8:00 pm. Produced in collaboration with Judy Blum and Nicole Croiset, Yalter’s “La Roquette, Women’s Prison” (1974) […]

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Küratör Nazlı Gürlek’in için kaleme aldığı “Istanbul Critics Guide” başlıklı sergi seçkisinde Elif Uras’ın Eylül 2016’da Galerist’te gerçekleşen “Hayal Meyal” isimli sergisi, Nil Yalter’in Arter’de devam eden sergisi “Kayıt Dışı” ve TUNCA & Hera Büyüktaşçıyan’ın eserlerini bir araya getiren “Çünkü Biz Olmadığımız Yerdeyiz” başlıklı grup sergisi görülmesi gereken en iyi 7 sergi arasında gösterildi. […]

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Off The Record, Arter, Istanbul, Turkey

Galerist is proud to announce the most comprehensive exhibition by Nil Yalter in Turkey hosted by ARTER between October 14 2016 and January 15 2017. Titled “Off the Record” and curated by Eda Berkmen the exhibition offers an thematic overview of Yalter’s hybrid installations that combine painting, photography, writing, collage, performance, and video. Yalter’s work […]

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‘Feminist Avant-Garde Of The 1970’s’, The Photographers´ Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Nil Yalter’s works titled ‘The Headless Woman or the Belly Dance’ and ‘Le sexisme dans la cuisine turque ou la volupté culinaire d’un empire’ are part of the group exhibition “Feminist Avant-garde of the 1970’s” taking place at The Photographers’ Gallery, London from October 7, 2016 to January 15, 2017.  Curated by Gabriele Schor the […]

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‘Topak Ev’, Vehbi Koç Foundation Collection, Istanbul, Turkey

Galerist is pleased to announce that Nil Yalter’s installation “Topak Ev” along with drawings and collages (1973), is now part of VKV Collection. “Topak Ev” is an historic masterpiece, its form borrowed from the ancestral traditions of the Anatolian nomads. The piece represents the circular ‘women’s tent’, revisited by Yalter both technically (a metal structure […]

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‘Open Spaces
Secret Places’, Biennial of Brussels (BOZAR), Brussels, Belgium

Nil Yalter takes part in the group exhibition titled “Open Spaces | Secret Places” as part of the International Photography Biennial of Brussels (BOZAR), curated by Gabriele Schor the exhibition brings together works from the SAMMLUNG VERBUND, Vienna. Through their photographs and installations, contributing artists examine our relationship with space and take the viewer through […]

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‘Nil Yalter’, Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna, Austria

Nil Yalter will present paintings from the 1960s, the installation “D´APRES ‘STIMMUNG’”, a 25-part work that reflects on Karlheiz Stockhausen´s composition “Stimmung”, and other works between May 20 and June 25, 2016 at Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna.

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Temporary Dwellings 1974-7 by Nil Yalter born 1938

‘Temporary Dwellings’, Tate Modern, London, UK

Nil Yalter’s installation dated from 1974 to 1976, “Temporary Dwellings”, is on view at Tate Modern’s new building in London, opened on 17 June 2016, as part of the permanent collection. “Temporary Dwellings”, the work in which Nil Yalter uses cities as sites of observation and research, was produced during the period from 1974 to […]

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'J'ai fait des choses utiles même si cela n'a servi à rien', Roxana Azimi, M, Le Monde Magazine, April 2016

Nil Yalter, M Le Magazine du Monde

Roxana Azimi’s interview with Nil Yalter on her ongoing retrospective at 49 Nord Est, FRAC Lorraine, Metz is featured in this weeks French magazine M,Le Magazine Du Monde. For the exhibition, Nil Yalter has chosen a set of works that address the question of nomadism, exile, women’s spaces, such as the emblematic “Topak Ev” of […]

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'Nil Yalter aux croisements des flux', Clémentine Gallot, Libération, February 8 , 2016, p

‘Nil Yalter’, Libération

Nil Yalter’s retrospective at 49 Nord Est, FRAC Lorraine, Metz is featured in French newspaper Libération’s Arts& Culture section. For the exhibition, Nil Yalter has chosen a set of works that address the question of nomadism, exile, women’s spaces, such as the emblematic ‘Topak Ev’ of 1973 (a major historical piece whose form is inspired […]

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‘Nil Yalter’, 49 Nord Est – FRAC Lorraine – Metz, France

49 Nord Est -FRAC Lorraine- Metz hosts Nil Yalter’s first restrospective exhibition  in France between February 2nd and June 6th, 2016.  For the exhibition, Nil Yalter has chosen a set of works that address the question of nomadism, exile, women’s spaces, such as the emblematic ‘Topak Ev’ of 1973 (a major historical piece whose form […]

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‘1973/2015′, La Verrière, Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès, Bruxelles

Continuing the ‘Gesture, and thought’ season initiated in 2013 at La Verrière – the Brussels art space of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès – curator Guillaume Désanges invites artist Nil Yalter to present her first solo exhibition in Belgium. For her solo exhibition at La Verrière, entitled 1973 / 2015, Nil Yalter has chosen to present […]

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Nil Yalter_Pink New York

‘Pink New York’, Istanbul Modern Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

Nil Yalter’s “Pink New York” is now part of the Istanbul Modern Museum permanent collection. It comprises of hand painted polaroids documenting Yalter’s significant works “NeuenKirchen” (1975), “Orient Express” (1976) and “Chevalier d’Éon” (1978) along with her personal archives during the period she lived in New York.

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Istanbul modern_Hussein Chalayan

‘Artist In Their Time’, Istanbul Modern Museum

Istanbul Modern’s collection exhibition, “Artists in Their Time”, focuses on how artists position their work and themselves within the concept of time. It suggests a conceptual field for examining, and reconciling, the links between an artist’s time and societal, cultural, natural and universal time. Uniting artists from very different periods, geographies and disciplines around common […]

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Nil Yalter_Art Forum

‘Nil Yalter, MOT International’, ArtForum

A review of Nil Yalter’s solo exhibition at MOT International, written by Kathy Noble, is published in Artforum.

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Nil Yalter_'Rahime'

‘Rahime’, Vehbi Koç Foundation Collection, Istanbul, Turkey

Nil Yalter’s video, ‘Rahime’, dated 1979, has been acquired by VKV Collection. ‘Rahime’ is the story of a woman who lived on the periphery of Istanbul. Rahime is a cleaner lady Yalter met at a friend’s home. The video reveals Rahime’s immigration from Diyarbakır to ghettoes of Istanbul. It also discusses subjects such as customs, […]

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Nil Yalter, Başsız Kadın

‘Rituels, Répétitions, Contraintes, Tentations’, MRAC

Nil Yalter participates to the group exhibition entitled ‘Rituels, Répétitions, Contraintes, Tentations’ taking place at MRAC between March 15th and June 7th, 2015 with her video ‘Headless Woman’. The practice of the participating artists focus on the stages of time or the gestures forming a ritual. Referecing to rituals, repetitions, constraints, tentations, in their works […]

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nil yalter- başsız kadın

‘The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970’s’, Hamburger Kunstalle

Hamburger Kunstalle hosts the exhibition entitled ‘The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970’s between March 13th and May 31st, 2015. Curated by Dr. Gabriele Schor, Nil Yalter takes part with her video ‘Headless Woman’. Featuring more than 30 international women artists, this wide-ranging exhibition highlights the early days of the feminist art movement. With over 150 […]

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Nil Yalter, Mot International, Enstalasyon Görseli, 2015

‘Nil Yalter’, MOT International, London

MOT International hosts Nil Yalter’s first exhibition in London between February 6 and March 28, 2015. A key figure in the feminist art movement in France during the 1970s, Yalter’s exhibition focuses on significant installations from this period that engage with themes of gender, displacement and cultural identity. The exhibition presents a selection of her […]

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Nil Yalter,'Le Chevalier d'Eon1

Nil Yalter’s ‘Le Chevalier d’Eon’ at Gwangju Biennale

Nil Yalter’s installation ’Le Chevalier d’Eon’ will be displayed during the 10th Edition of Gwangju Biennale, entitled ‘Burning Down the House’, curated by Jessica Morgan. ‘Burning Down the House’ , taking place between September 5 to November 9, 2014, explores the process of burning and transformation, a cycle of obliteration and renewal witnessed throughout history. […]

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‘Carte Blanche To Nil Yalter’, Artist Talk

Moderated by Melis Tezkan, the artist talk will take place on May 22nd ,18:00 with the kind participation of Didem Erk, Hélène Hourmat, Yasemin Özcan, Dilek Winchester and Nil Yalter.

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‘At The Crossroads 2: Contemporary Art From Istanbul To Kabul’, Sotheby’s London

Sotheby’s London ‘At The Crossroads 2: Contemporary Art from Istanbul to Kabul’, an innovative selling-exhibition organized by Sotheby’s will take place between 27 March and 1 April 2014 at Sotheby’s London. Showcasing top-end contemporary works from the countries of the Caucasus, Central Asia, Turkey and Iran, the exhibition includes works of Nil Yalter and Hussein Chalayan. […]

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‘Neighbours’, İstanbul Modern

Nil Yalter’s installation and video work, Nomad’s Tent will be featured in ‘Neighbors: Contemporary Narratives from Turkey and Beyond,’ at Istanbul Modern. The exhibition brings together artists from neighboring geographies that have historical, political, and cultural ties with Turkey: the Balkans, the Caucasus, and the Middle East. ‘Neighbors’ explores practices that relate to social life in the […]

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‘Harem’, Vehbi Koç Foundation Collection, Istanbul, Turkey

The first edition of Nil Yalter’s video installation “Harem”,  has been acquired by Vehbi Koç Foundation’s permanent collection. “Harem” is evolved out of the materials that Yalter compiled in consideration of her researches through many years. It is based on the fictional story of two handmaiden living in Topkapı Palace during the Ottoman Empire. Images […]

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Nil Yalter’s Book Launch and Artist Talk at SALT Beyoğlu

Galerist is pleased to present the first comprehensive book on the life and work of Nil Yalter. The monograph lauch, which will include an artist talk with Vasıf Kortun, will take place on September 16, 2013 at SALT Beyoğlu. Nil Yalter, who has been living and working in Paris since 1965, focuses on social issues […]

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Galerist in Collaboration with French Institute

French Institute, Istanbul will be presenting the video works by Seza Paker and Nil Yalter in collaboration with Galerist, on the occasion of 13th Istanbul Biennial. “Untitled (Park)” (2011) by Seza Paker will be on view together with “Harem” (1979), “Shaman” (1979) and “Lord Byron meets Shaman Woman” (2009) by Nil Yalter.

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‘Temporary Dwellings’, Tate Modern, Permanent Collection, London, UK

The title of this multimedia installation ‘Temporary Dwellings’ (1974/76) reflects the perishable nature of the run-down places where the workers lived, if not the workers themselves. Nil Yalter travelled through not only France and Belgium but also Turkey and the United States to interview them,much like an ethnographer taking field notes. The videos recorded in black and […]

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