The artist born in Gölcük in 1975 completed her undergraduate and master’s degrees in the painting department at Mimar Sinan Faculty of Fine Arts. The artist who has participated in many exhibitions nationally and internationally realized her first personal exhibition titled “Serbest Dalış / Skin Diving” at Galerist Tepebaşı in 2011.

Telgeren, who states that the only reference of her paper paintings she makes by hand-cutting are constructive thinking and imagination, fictionalizes the known undefined heroes of an imaginary atmosphere beyond perception of time, space and form. The artist, whose works contain an attempt to reach a sincere and direct expression, embraces an unpremeditated interaction with life and free flow of thought as her practice.

The artist who has taken up to colossal scale in due course her paper works which she has started as miniature tries in year 2007, uses paper as paint/pencil. The artist, who defines the phase of production as a meticulous and fiery exploration process, says that the flexible, intimate and fragile structure of the material corresponds really well to the state of mind of works of this period.